Preserving the places where Oklahoma history lives

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Preservation Oklahoma Board of Directors, 2018-2019

​Linda Barnett

Sarah Jordan
Oklahoma City

Travis Owens

Tori Raines
​Oklahoma City

Lynne Rostochil
Oklahoma City

Preservation Oklahoma, Inc. is governed by our Board of Directors, a group of volunteers from across the state who are dedicated to the preservation of Oklahoma's built environment.  Directors are eligible to serve for two consecutive three- year terms that begin on July 1.  Directors are elected by Preservation Oklahoma members.  If you, or someone you know, are interested in serving on the board, please contact the POK offices.

Board of Directors

Cherish Ralls - President
Oklahoma City

Jeff Erwin - Vice-President
Oklahoma City

Sharon Astrin - Secretary
Oklahoma City

Daniel Barrett Mathis —Treasurer
Oklahoma City