2018 Preservation Awards

Four awards will be given:

  • Rural Private Sector
  • Rural Public Sector
  • Urban Private Sector
  • Urban Public Sector

Work must be completed between April 1, 2017 and March 31, 2018.

The Preservation Awards and Preservation Leadership Awards will be presented at the Preservation Oklahoma Annual Members Meeting, June 8, as part of the Statewide Preservation Conference in Tulsa.

Nominations are due May 5, 2018.

2018 Preservation Leadership Awards

Preservation projects happen ONLY because of the efforts of local citizens across our state. Preservation Oklahoma would like to applaud the work of these individuals and groups whose tenacity, courage, and determination are the backbone of successful preservation projects across Oklahoma.

Four awards will be given:

  • Young Leadership Award:  Awarded to an individual under forty years of age who has demonstrated an impact on historic preservation.
  • Preservation Leadership Award: Awarded in three categories (individual, organization, government agency) for outstanding contributions to historic preservation.

Promoting historic preservation statewide​.