Window Repair Workshop

June 1, 9am-3pm

201 W Daws St.
Norman, Oklahoma

Rescue Norman: The Workshop

Wood Window Rescue (WWR) will be holding a one-day workshop for the locals of Norman on June 1st, 2019. This workshop will be to educate attendees on the following topics:

1. We will start the day with "Why This Matters + Window Basics." WWR will be going into depth on why preservation is so important and how we can make an impact when we save what is pre-existing. We also will be covering general information on windows such as names of certain parts and how they function.

2. "Lead Safety" will be covered next. This will go over why it is so crucial for anyone to wear the proper gear and follow procedure when it comes to handling lead base items. WWR will be focusing mainly on lead based paint on Wood Windows.

3. "Scraping Paint Removal" will be covering tactics on how one can go about removing pesky paint from their windows with ease following the guidelines Lead Safety went over.

4. "Weather Stripping" will explain what weather stripping is and the best approach to take on adding it and/or removing it from the window.

5. "Glass & Glazing" will be a hand on activity that will be teaching participants how to apply glaze and maintain glass for their windows at home.

6. "Epoxy Repairs" will cover how one uses epoxy to repair windows. Another hand on activity.

7. "Q&A + Closing" will recap and give attendees an opportunity to ask upon things they would like to know.

See lasts year's workshop: 

Registration includes a free t-shirt. Please send size to We will be having a on site lunch. Please let us know if you are needing Gluten-Free and/or Vegan options for lunch.